Writing guide by Martha Jennings on englishwriting.areavoices.com

24 Apr

Correct grammar matters. Or for any wrong impression it generates when it’s not properly observed, it matters as a grammatical error can change madness within your message. One error in, say, the use of prepositions, may cause confusion and, worse, potential conflict. An error in verb tense can provide out your wrong message or perhaps be misunderstood.
We must admit, though, not everyone is able to be a master at grammar. Though with many online grammar check tools now available, this should not be a problem anymore. All you need to do is have their own text checked for almost any grammatical errors and edit them, as necessary.
How can this work? It’s simple. Grammar check tools found online scans your text and identifies possible errors in a few language structures, in punctuation plus spelling. For example, it looks out for inconsistencies in subject verb agreement. This is the time the subject which might make singular form is associated with a verb which will take a plural form. In the sentence, “The chairs is painted with different colors.” The niche which happens to be “chairs” is plural whereas the verb “is” is singular. Once this sentence is ran through the grammar checker, it will identify this inconsistency and propose that either the subject or verb is changed.